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All Natural Ingredients

FreshBod™ All Natural Deodorant

All Natural Deodorant

An alternative to chemical-based products that mask body odor, 

FreshBod is an aluminum-free body spray that eliminates odor. 


FreshBod Works!

"FreshBod is a smart product for many reasons. It tackles (not masks) the source of offense; it has worry-free, natural ingredients that I don't hesitate to apply to even my younger, smelly family members; and most importantly – IT WORKS!" – Janet T., Lynchburg, VA

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FreshBod Natural Deodorant and Odor Eliminator will change the way you think about personal care.  With hundreds of products that mask odors, FreshBod is an all-natural multi-purpose product that prevents odor instead of covering it up.  Most body odor results from bacteria mingling with sweat and oil. 

Our colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide combination create a powerful "1-2 Punch" in destroying these odor-causing bacteria, making FreshBod a safe and effective alternative to standard chemical-laden deodorants. 

In addition to underarm odor, FreshBod has been proven effective in eliminating foot odors.  Simply spray it directly on feet and in shoes/on socks to prevent embarrassing foot odor.  The product can also be sprayed directly on to clothing to eliminate smells – convenient for those times where you must wear a certain shirt and have no time to launder it! 

FreshBod is a safe, easy to use product with universal appeal for women, men and teens.  Everyone can effectively use it to combat personal odor, plus a wide variety of stinky items beyond the body: smelly workout clothes, sweaty yoga mats, stinky soccer shin guards and smoky jackets – to name a few!  Since it is odorless, it is very unisex in nature and won't interfere with someone’s favorite cologne or body lotion.